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high voltage load bankHigh Voltage Load Banks

This 84MW load bank (left) — the largest ever produced by Cressall — is installed at the Rolls-Royce development facility in Montreal, for testing gas turbines. The 60-metre long load bank is cooled entirely by convection and so is silent in use, an important consideration in this suburban location. It is suitable for both 13.8 kV/60 Hz and 11kV/50 Hz, allowing turbines for markets outside North America to be developed and tested alongside domestic products.

As well as protecting the nearby residential area from intrusive noise, the use of convection cooling instead of fans means that there are no motors to freeze up during the harsh Canadian winter.

Load Banks for standyby generators and uninterruptible power supplies

dummy load bankNoise level testing load bank

The illustrations, above, show medium-voltage load banks installed in central London, acting as test and exercise loads for standby generators and uninterruptible power supplies. These were challenging installations because the specification required the loads to add no additional noise to that from the generating sets themselves.

In one case Cressall was able to achieve this by fitting the load into the exhaust air duct from the basement engine room and cooling the resistors with the airflow from the engine room fans and in the second by use of sound attenuators to keep the noise to acceptable levels.

force cooled resistor bank
Rated 7MW at 13.8kV, this force-cooled resistor
bank tests generators for a German manufacturer.

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