TPR Resistors buys Cressall

Resultant firm set to dominate UK power resistors industry


TPR Resistors has bought Cressall Resistors Limited in a move that was finalised in early April. The resultant company will be the largest player in the UK industrial and power resistors markets. It will retain the Cressall name and be based at Cressall’s recently expanded facility in Leicester.

“Our expectation is that our customers will barely notice the transition,” remarked deputy managing director Peter Duncan. “There will be only positive effects in terms of service and product offering. This is important because many of TPR’s customers have migrated to the company from Cressall since TPR was founded in 1992. They will get the same service now that originally prompted them to work with us, as will those who remained loyal to the enduring Cressall brand. The only changes for both sets of customers are that there will be more people within the new organisation to help with enquiries and they will now be presented with a much wider range of technologies and design options than ever before.”

The last decade has seen the power resistor market move from being hardware dedicated to placing much more trust in design engineering. There has also been some significant rationalisation in the number of players operating in each country. TPR’s purchase of Cressall means that the resultant company has the engineering skills in house to compete on a global scale where necessary.

“The scarcest resource in UK engineering is experienced talent,” continued Duncan. “This move will pool the two company’s groups of skilled engineers, creating a much stronger R&D department. Furthermore, many of these people have worked together in the past and know and trust each other already. As a result, we expect the process to be seamless.”

Until the purchase, Cressall Resistors was owned by Halma Plc, an organisation made up of market leaders in specialist electronic, safety and environmental technologies. TPR Resistors is majority owned by the Italian Telema SpA. As a result, Cressall Resistors will now have access to the Telema SpA testing facilities, which are amongst the worlds most impressive.

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