Shocking lack of trust in the electrical industry – open letter to the editor

This letter was issued to the editors of selected electrical trade magazines:

Dear Sir,

As a director of an electrical firm I’m always shocked when our new customers simply don’t expect our trust. We make power resistors; when a company places its first order with us, we don’t ask for pre-payment. Instead we just say, “We’ll trust you this time”. The responses range from pleased to genuine surprise. It seems that in industry everyone has grown used to being regarded as a potential unpaid invoice.

The background in my own area of the electrical business is perhaps influential in this context. As the global electrical players have stripped down their offerings to their ‘core skills’ they have divested themselves of anything not ‘mainstream’ – and that includes power resistors. As a result there are only one or two specialists left in each country in Europe. With less choice, it has become more important for buyers to trust their chosen suppliers.

Furthermore, because power resistors are so fundamental a component most are now engineered for a particular job. For this reason our customers share a lot of confidential information with us and depend us to help them comply with an extensive list of regulations. Most importantly, they trust us to help them get their job done. In some ways, choosing a supplier of such essential items is a little like choosing lawyer, architect or accountant – a high level of confidence is essential. Indeed, this is true in many areas of industry. So why then do we, as suppliers, so rarely trust our customers?

Best regards,

Peter Duncan
Deputy managing director
Cressall Resistors
Evington Valley Road
Tel: 01945 464696

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