Portable load bank helps guarantee supply

Cressall Resistors has launched the AC100, a new portable load bank, ideal for testing three phase power up to 100kW in 1.25kW steps. It is also suitable for testing single phase power up to 33kVA in 400W steps. The new device is the largest load bank in Cressall’s standard range and, thanks to manufacturing efficiencies, is available on extremely short lead times.

The AC100 is suited to both testing on initial set up of generation plant and continual planned maintenance. Customers include contractors, facilities managers, financial institutions, telecoms and IT firms and other companies where the consistent supply of power is crucial.

ac100Amongst the key advantages of the AC100 is its portability. Measuring just 1150 x 700mm and weighing 140kg, the load bank fits comfortably into the back of a small van and can be easily manoeuvred by a single person. The load bank is mounted on braked rubber castors and fitted with push bars at front and rear with a top mounted cable stowage tray. Another advantage is its rugged control system, featuring a voltmeter, ammeter and frequency meter, all controlled using durable pushbuttons.

Lower AC voltages can be applied, resulting in the maximum power being reduced accordingly. For example, 220V three phase power, at 50/60Hz, would result in 28kW in 350W steps while 110V single phase power, at 50/60Hz, would result in 7kW in 85W steps.

The AC100 uses metal sheathed wire elements manufactured from high-grade nickel/chrome resistance wire in magnesium oxide insulated stainless steel tubes and 600V primary insulation. It is cooled with a single 450mm fan powered from the test load itself or an external supply. The fan is mounted in the base of the load bank and blows vertically through mesh bird screens at the top and bottom. The enclosure in which it is housed is manufactured from sheet steel with an all-welded steel frame.

Options include a dual AC/DC model, which has all the capabilities of the standard version plus an additional rating of 0 – 190A (42kW) at 220V DC. Existing customers of the AC100 include Jersey’s Computer Protek Systems.

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