Brake resistor range for high regenerative energy in compact areas

New models for smaller lifts with high return energy


ES dynamic braking resistors

Cressall Resistors has expanded its range of low noise ES braking resistors with the addition of 1.0 and 2.0kW sized models. These new ratings complement the existing array, which includes 0.6, 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5kW versions with resistance values from 3.9Ω to 330Ω. The new 1.0 and 2.0 kW sizes are used where there is the need to cope with high levels of regenerated energy in a compact space. This includes motor control on elevators, VSD control and use on conveyors, cranes and winches as well as test loads.

The robust IP20 rated units produce negligible audible noise. This is essential for applications where they will be located near the general public, such as in the resonant chamber of a lift.

The units are manufactured using high grade nickel chrome wire, which means the resistance value changes only negligibly over the temperature range of the element. “This is a significant factor,” explained Cressall director Peter Duncan, “because a design using lower grade stainless steel could increase in resistance by as much as 50% – resulting in impaired braking.”

A choice of termination method and accessories keeps both purchase and installation cost on the ES series low. Installation is further simplified by slotted mounting points for M6 fixings. The terminal cover features two 20mm knock out holes on the end face and overhangs the resistor by 22mm, leaving an open area for cable entry.

Every continuous power rating in the range is available in ES – S and ES – P versions. The ES – S range allows for connection via screw terminals with an optional thermal trip and/or terminal cover, while the ES – P range has through panel terminals and optional thermal trip.


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