Cressall appointment proves that going back can be a big step forward

Leicester based Cressall Resistors has added a former employee, Hina Thakkar, to its commercial engineering team, two and half years after she left the business to join another firm in the electrical industry. The appointment is part of a planned recruitment drive resulting from significantly increased business in 2006-2007.

Hina’s previous employers include Alstom and Racal Radar Defence Systems. She believes that both positions represented positive steps, taken at the right time. However, Hina feels more at home having re-joined Cressall, where she once worked as an internal sales engineer. “I think the important factors in choosing a workplace include the atmosphere and the people you work alongside,” explained Hina. “Of course, the position and the nature of the business have to be right as well.”

Hina began her career with an engineering degree at De Montfort University and is now involved in post sales management, handling contracts, schedules and ensuring safe delivery. As befits an organised mind who emphasises interpersonal values in the workplace, her hobbies include flower arranging and socialising.

“I think our invitation to Hina to return to Cressall signifies two things,” explained Peter Duncan, a director of Cressall Resistors. “The first is that the right appointment is the right appointment. The correct attitude is the key; almost anything else can be learned. Of course, in this case Hina is already a senior and skilled professional. The second is that we are very serious about drawing out the engineering talent in Leicester and the surrounding areas – this appointment is one of a string stretching back over a long period and part of a concerted plan to add many more staff to the business.”


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