New MD for UK’s largest resistor manufacturer

Good results set to continue as existing board member takes the helm

Leicester based manufacturer, Cressall Resistors, has appointed Peter Duncan, an existing director of the company, as its new managing director. Duncan’s appointment will ensure continuity of management and engineering expertise within the business.

Duncan has had two spells with Cressall. His first began in 1998, when the company was purchased by Halma Plc and Peter was made a director with responsibility for the revitalisation of the firm, which at that time had twelve employees. This period concluded in 2000, when he left to establish TPR Resistors, a UK manufacturer in the same sector. Six years later, in February 2006, Duncan re-joined Cressall when Telema SpA of Italy bought Cressall through TPR Resistors, which had by this time become one of its UK subsidiaries.

Duncan’s career in industry followed a first degree at Walham College Oxford, in Engineering Science and Economics followed by an MSc in Operational Research and Management Studies at Imperial College, London. During this period, Duncan also served an engineering apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce Engines in Bristol.

Duncan plans to continue with Cressall’s successful policy of implementing manufacturing improvement strategies, such as lean and six-sigma, as well as recruiting intensively to help the company meet continued demand. This strategy has been successful to date with orders doubling since 2006.

“I’ve taken over from my former colleague David Boughey, who created a team that has transformed Cressall during his tenure,” explained Duncan. “As a director for the last two years I’ve been instrumental in formulating the strategy for the business, alongside my fellow directors. As a result, I think this is very much a case of continuing the good work, rather than instituting any sweeping changes,” he concluded.


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