Downloads for Ohm’s Law App exceed all expectations

A few months ago one of our colleagues here at Cressall Resistors – Chris Johnson – put his passion for software engineering to use and created our first iPhone and Android App. The app is a calculator for Ohm’s Law and aims to make electrical engineers’ lives that little bit easier. Since its launch, the app has proven to be a massive hit with the manufacturing and academic communities and it has been downloaded more than 10,000 times!

Free power rule iPhone Android app

Free iPhone/Android app gives you the power rule at your fingertips

Ohm’s Law is the essential mathematical model that engineers use for mentally mapping out electrical circuits. Once the first calculation is solved, an engineer can then change the value of any of the resulting variables. But what if you don’t have the time to do all that maths is your head?

The app Chris invented allows engineers to change any parameter value and keep playing around until they are perfect. Basically, the app back-solves all variables automatically, saving time and grey matter at the same time! But if you’re still in doubt about the results, a handy power triangle diagram is there for you at the touch of a smartphone.

“Initially I created the iPhone version of the app. But after the demand we’ve seen from Android users, we thought we’d help them out as well,” explains Chris.  “In addition to that, we’ve translated the app in ten languages including German, French and Swedish.”

A “demo” function which shows users how the app actually works is to be included in an update that is set to be released in August.

Having been originally launched in April 2013, iPhone users have downloaded the Ohm’s Law calculator almost 8000 times. Android downloads were a little lower, in the region of 2200, but that figure is expected to continually increase thanks to regular software updates and improvements.

“When I started working on the app I was simply trying to find a solution to a problem we’ve all faced as young engineers starting up in the electrical sector,” Chris recalls. “My passion for programming came in handy, so it was relatively easy for me to put together the pseudo-code – or the backbone – of the app.

“Years of experience taught me how to deal with these calculations, but why spend time on admin jobs like these when you can get the answer in a matter of minutes? The app was born out of that rationale – make things easy for engineers so that they have more time to go and invent useful things for the world!”

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