sole destroyer

Engineering just got mucky

At the beginning of March, a team of our finest resistor specialists fished out their running shoes to complete Sole Destroyer, a 10km mud run organised by Mucky Races. The event, which took place in Little Houghton, Northampton, was part of Cressall’s mission to raise money for Sport Relief.
Sole Destroyer is a fundraising event which challenges individuals and teams to fight through a series of steep inclines, mud pits, hay bales and water holes, as well as a 200 metre lake.

The run saw managing director, Cy Wilkinson, and some of his team – consisting of Martin Nicholls, John Shaw, David Atkins, Sam Wellstood-Eason, Mark Templeman, Andrew Keith and Stephen Robinson – complete the physically demanding course in under an hour and a half.
“Sole Destroyer definitely threw all of us out of our comfort zones,” commented John Shaw, commercial engineer at Cressall Resistors. “We had a great laugh, despite the freezing cold water and we even went on to celebrate afterwards.”
sole destroyer
sole destroyer event“In addition to raising some money for Sport Relief, it was a great team event for us,” continued Cy Wilkinson.“Altogether, we raised over £500 for the charity – a well deserved amount for all of our hard work.
Despite the falls in the mud and the (manly) screeches that could be heard as the team entered the ice cold waters, the event was about more than just getting a bit dirty. It put Cressall’s corporate social responsibility to the test,” he concluded.


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