Fundraising – it’s like riding a bike

Cressall  british heart foundation charity ride

Team Cressall took part in the British Heart Foundation’s Vale of Belvoir charity bike ride and raised over £750.

At the beginning of May, Team Cressall took part in the British Heart Foundation’s Vale of Belvoir charity bike ride, raising more than £750 for the cause. At Cressall we like to give credit where it’s due, so here’s a virtual round of applause for our eight daring riders who took on the long and challenging bike route and the fury of the elements.

Helen Marston (Cressall), Colin Amaral, eleven-year-old Joshua Amaral and David Bellamy successfully completed the 25 mile route. Paul Bellamy (Cressall), Rob Merry, Mark Templeman (Cressall) and his son, 14-year-old Morgan, finished the 40 mile course in only three hours and 20 minutes.

The team prepared for the ride months in advance, benefiting from the advice of experienced cyclists Paul and Mark, who have been participating in the charity event every year since 2006. Getting novice members of staff, family and friends involved in this year’s event was a significant accomplishment for the Cressall team.

Helen is the first female member of staff to take on the Vale of Belvoir challenge. She managed to hold her own and performed beautifully on the day. “Having been asked every year since I joined Cressall as a student eight years ago, I finally agreed to do it this time. I hope my effort will inspire others to also give it a go,” commented Helen. Asked whether she would do it again, Helen’s answer was a definite “yes”.

Despite what most of our readers might think, the biggest challenge of the day was not the route length or dealing with fatigue during the ride, but the harsh weather conditions the team encountered. Much like in their daily work at Cressall, the team members simply would not give up. In fact, they were motivated by the additional challenges and did an excellent job of overcoming them. The strong winds, rain and hail that the team had to endure were no match for our courageous riders. In fact, the extra levels of difficulty only made crossing the finish line even more satisfying. Talk about mind over matter!

And the effort sure paid out. The team exceeded its initial financial target by almost 20 per cent. Alongside its fundraising success, the group was particularly pleased with the way its members worked together, helping each other out during the ride.

“It was a fantastic day and we rode well as a team, encouraging each other on,” explained Mark Templeman, sales engineer at Cressall Resistors. “We all tried our best and we still had smiles on our faces when we crossed the finish line, despite the adverse weather.”

The ride is one of many events organised by the BHF to help raise funds for research into coronary disease, which results in over 80,000 deaths a year and remains the single biggest health threat in the UK.

Although the ride took place a few weeks ago, there is still time to recognise such great effort and donate here.

Mark is not planning to stop with the Vale of Belvoir though. He’s recently started training for the Great North Run, set to take place on September 7. It is going to be his first half marathon and it’s created a lot of hype here in the Cressall offices. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes, either here or on Twitter.


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