One of the oldest people on the planet

Cressall Resistors launches new website at 102
If Cressall Resistors was a person, it would be one of the oldest people on the planet at the venerable age of 102. But a brief Internet search shows us that the oldest humans make it well past their 100th birthday, and sometimes they even manage it graciously. 

Jeanne Louise Calment, born in France in 1875, lived to the age of 122 years, 164 days. She is considered to be the oldest person in history whose age can be verified. She died in 1997, but her life was an amazing journey.

When she was 13 she met Van Gogh in Arles (and didn’t think much of the guy by the way), survived her grandchildren, took up fencing at the tender age of 85, and continued to ride her bicycle up until her 100th birthday. Oh, and she smoked for 96 years and ate a kilo of chocolate a week.

As a fellow centenarian, Cressall is no stranger to a noteworthy existence. The difference is that, as far as businesses go, making it past the 100 year anniversary is an even greater achievement.

A key requirement for staying alive as a company is the ability to re-invent, adapt and remain tuned in to market requirements. Today, most engineers thoroughly research every purchase online, so it’s important to have an open and welcoming shop 24/7.

As a result, although it’s more than 100 years old, Cressall Resistors can now boast a brand new website.

The new website has improved navigation facilities, which makes it easier for customers to find the products they need. The new design is easier to read, simpler to follow and more user friendly than before. There’s also more information, some brand new products and the latest technical advances featured in the power resistor industry.

Moreover, Cressall recently launched their Power Rule App, which helps engineers calculate power, voltage, current and resistance using Ohm’s Law and the Power Law. It is available to download for free via the new website. The app has been hugely popular since its launch, with tens of thousands of iOS and Android downloads.

There’s an expanded vacancies section that will also be frequently updated on the new website. Cressall Resistors is constantly on the lookout for fresh talent and the company has recently employed four new members of staff from the local area.

“The look and feel of the website is greatly improved,” commented managing director Cy Wilkinson. “We wanted to create a new site that reflects our ethos and our ambitions as a manufacturer. The internet is always the first port of call for any customer, so our site is pretty much our online business card,” he said.

The newly designed website will also contain buttons and links to social media outlets including the company’s LinkedIn profile, the YouTube channel and of course, Twitter. Moving with the times, and most importantly, communicating at all times is what keeps this hundred year old manufacturing company ahead of any younger competition.


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