Alex’s Wish charity bike ride

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What you might not know is that our employees are also rugged and lean machines! That said, we’d like to give a big round of virtual applause to the Cressall team – and family members – for their fantastic efforts in the Charnwood Forest Cycle Ride. The event was organised by Alex’s Wish, a charity set-up to eradicate Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Cressall team at the starting point of the charity ride for Alex's Wish. From left to right, Paul Bellamy, Morgan Finney, Mark Templeman and Steve Robinson.

Cressall team at the starting point of the charity ride for Alex’s Wish. From left to right, Paul Bellamy, Morgan Finney, Mark Templeman and Steve Robinson.

Mark Templeman, Paul Bellamy and Steve Robinson from Cressall, along with Mark’s 15 year old son, Morgan, all completed the ride that took place on May 10, 2015. The four strapping young bucks recently completed the 40 mile ride, raising money for the charity. Impressive as this feat is, Mark and Morgan even cycled to the race and back, making their total distanced covered 55 miles.

The team are no strangers to tough bike rides though. Since 2006 they have taken part in every ‘Vale of Belvoir Ride’ for The British Heart Foundation.

This year the team managed to raise a total of £380.00 for Alex’s Wish. The riders were generously supported by the freight forwarding company MIES International, to whom we’d also like to give a big thank you.

Despite finding the ride challenging, with numerous hilly climbs, the valiant cyclists were spurred on by their commitment to a worthy cause.

Alex’s Wish was set-up in 2012 by Emma and Andy Hallam. The charity is named after their son, Alex, who was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) – a recessive form of the disorder linked to the X-chromosome. DMD is a muscle degenerating condition that affects around one in 3,600 boys. There are currently no cures or treatments.

Alex’s Wish is a non-profit charity with the sole aim to fund world-class science and clinical trials to bring about a cure or new treatments to help delay symptoms of DMD. Since 2012 the charity has raised £180,000 and is well on the way to meeting their ambitious goal of £1 million.

“The Charnwood Forrest circuit was a challenging ride, but we stuck together and encouraged one another when tiredness set in,” explained Mark Templeman, sales engineer at Cressall. “We also took heart from the great cause and the spirit of the event showed on the many determined faces on the day.

“For once, the Great British weather smiled kindly on us and the ride through some beautiful Leicestershire countryside was a great team building exercise for us all.”The Charnwood Forest Cycle Ride was one of many events organised by Alex’s Wish to help raise funds for DMD research. If you would like to donate to Alex’s Wish you can do so by going to and clicking donate.

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