Hot water in two seconds

The RapidHeat Consortium has compiled a handy one-page guide explaining the space, heat and energy savings that can be made by installing the RapidHeat instant hot water technology.

The guide explains the advantages of choosing a RapidHeat system over a conventional water heater. These include saving time, improving hygiene and saving space. For instance, RapidHeat’s IP65 rating means that the system is protected from dust and water contamination and can therefore be implemented in any working environment without worry.

“Cressall Resistors is currently investigating new areas where the RapidHeat technology could be useful,” explains Peter Duncan, RapidHeat project leader. “The system can be implemented into a variety of applications such as food processing, catering, vending products, white goods and plumbing. We’re currently looking for industrial and commercial partners interested in developing the project further and integrating the technology into applications that require instant hot water. The advanced technology on offer means that any partners would highly benefit from the implementation of this new technology.

“We’ve compiled the one-page-guide to clearly explain the features and benefits of RapidHeat technology. It’s such a simple technology to use, we wanted to make understanding it as simple as possible too.”

RapidHeat is a consortium of five SMEs and two research institutes that has been granted EU funding to develop an on-demand electric water heater. The project leader, Cressall Resistors, is a leading European manufacturer of high-power resistors used in industry, power generation and distribution, rail traction and for marine and offshore applications.

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