Resistors to keep the UK rolling ~ Cressall Resistors supports critical rail applications in the UK

Several rail routes in the UK are in the safe hands of Cressall, who is providing service and site support to three of the country’s biggest rail applications. In cooperation with its parent company, Telema Group, Cressall has already provided resistor maintenance for the Eurostar, London Underground and South West Trains lines.

Cressall service to rail companies

Cressall is now providing service and site support to three of the country’s biggest rail applications — the Eurostar, London Underground and South West Trains.

As a UK-based Telema company, Cressall provides support for a number of rail traction projects supplied to the UK. This includes services from on-site emergency support to overhaul projects, in which the customer returns a product for a service or exchange as required.

Telema rail customers in the UK benefit from Cressall’s locality. With two sites — in Leicester and Dereham — plus over 60 years of experience working with the rail traction industry, Cressall ensures the quick and smooth delivery of product and service support.

Cressall holds project specific stock parts at its facilities and ensures the correct skills and person-hours are available should Telema rail traction projects need assistance.

“Cressall is in a unique position to service customers quickly, with original Telema parts and unparalleled engineering experience,” explained Paul Killingback, sales and operations manager for Cressall’s traction and special projects. “Cressall has access to some of the best-equipped electrical resistor test laboratories and manufacturing facilities in the world, so it can guarantee fast turnaround time to support the rail industry.

“Cressall recently overhauled an entire fleet of brake resistors for Siemens Desiro Class 444 trains and continues to receive repairs to refurbish and return to service. In addition, we have provided service and site support to a Telema product fitted on London Underground SSL and Cressall is now the nominated UK arm for Siemens ThamesLink vehicles.”

TPR Resistors — majority owned by the Italian Telema Group — bought Cressall in 2006. Since then, the Leicester resistor specialist has grown and now has a team of over 100 people.

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