Laser cutting edge technology to improve resistor production

Automated fibre laser cutter ensures Cressall’s resistors are at the highest level of quality possible. The £0.5 million machine will also improve efficiency, with process speed expected to increase fivefold.

Laser Cutter for resistor manufactureCressall introduce the latest laser cutting technology to improve precision and efficiency in their resistor manufacture.

The laser cutting equipment, which has been purchased from machine manufacturer Salvagnini, is part of Cressall’s long-term strategy to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of resistor technologies. Having opened a third site in spring 2017, Cressall, which celebrates over 100 years’ success, is expanding at a steady rate.

Fibre laser cutting has many benefits when compared to the traditional electro-hydraulic punching method of sheet metal cutting. It allows for greater precision and higher efficiency, while also removing the risk of cross contamination throughout all materials being cut.

Automation of the new system means the laser can run independently, after undergoing programming by Cressall’s trained engineers. This will allow Cressall to meet large orders by running the machine during times which it would otherwise be unused, such as overnight.

The fibre laser has many different uses, as it can cut different materials to a variety of patterns using the same laser. In addition to this, metal wastage is expected to be considerably reduced thanks to improved nesting capability.

“As well as an investment in our technology, the fibre laser machine represents an investment in our staff” explained Simone Bruckner, managing director of Cressall. “Staff will receive training on how to safely use the laser and this will continue in order to ensure we make the best use of this highly advanced machine.”

“The laser will reduce the process time of a critical stage in resistor manufacturing” continued Bruckner. “These savings will be passed on to customers, by reducing the delay between order placement and fulfilment, particularly with large orders.”

In addition to the new technology, Cressall’s site is also undergoing refurbishment, which includes enhancements to the plant floor layout and adjustments to the goods-inwards entrance and car parking facilities.

Cressall offers a complete range of industrial resistors designed for use in industries as diverse as electricity generation, transmission and distribution to rail traction. For more information about Cressall’s products, contact Martin Nicholls on 0116 273633 or e-mail

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