Cressall expands its resistors reach to South America

Cressall resistors in South AmericaCressall launches its resistor range across South America.

Following on from the opening of its third site in the United Kingdom, Cressall has now taken the first steps to launching its resistors and services in South America.

Cressall is already known as an experienced exporter, having over 100 years of experience manufacturing for Europe, Asia, Australasia and Africa. Cressall’s Italy-based parent company, Telema Group now hopes to broaden its reach to South America, with Cressall leading the way.

In March 2017, Cressall visited Colombia to meet potential partners and customers. So warm was the reception, it has now made plans to return early in September and later to visit Chile, Argentina and Peru in order to build partnerships with potential customers.

“Cressall’s in-house research and development (R&D) expertise, along with its dedicated facilities in Leicester and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, allow the company to create bespoke products that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the customer’s needs,” explained Stewart Wittering, marketing director for South America at Cressall Resistors.”

“In South America, Cressall has identified a rapidly growing demand for resistor technology in renewable energy applications. There is potential to participate in the generation of both solar and wind power, with resistor technology helping make the process of energy transmission much smoother as South American nations strive towards reduced reliability on oil and gas. South America is also looking to, reduce its dependence on hydro-electric schemes as a result of reduced rainfall from the combined effects of El Niño, La Niña and global warming.”

Cressall’s extensive range of products mostly falls into four main categories:

  • the protection of electricity generation, transmission and distribution networks and plant, including transformers
  • dynamic braking resistors, used in building lifts, escalators, winches, road and rail transport
  • marine applications, as used by the Royal Navy, the US Navy, oil platforms, dockside cranes and cable winches
  • renewable energy, such as wind and solar power

The company currently works with a wide range of end-users and systems integrators to deliver tailored energy protection solutions.

Cressall has over 100 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing industrial resistors. Its products are used widely in electricity generation, transmission and distribution, renewable energy, offshore applications, rail, oil and gas. For more information on the company’s offerings, get in touch on 0116 273 7911 or download our latest Spanish catalogue.

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