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Ohms law app

Ohm’s Law/Power Rule App. Download the iPhone/Android app that works out power and resistance on your smartphone or tablet.

Ohm’s Law and the Power Law describe the relationship between the following four electrical entities:

Entity Unit Symbol Ohm’s Law: Voltage = Current x Resistance
Voltage Volts V Power Law: Power = Voltage x Current
Current Amps A, I Set any two and the other two can be calculated. This application allows you to continually lock one parameter and input another, enabling rapid “what-if” recalculation.
Resistance Ohms R, Ω
Power Watts W

Use the keypad to enter a value then tap on the parameter you want to set. It is now fixed, as shown by the padlock symbol. Enter another parameter and the remaining two are calculated. The most recently entered parameter becomes the new fixed one. You can alter which parameter is fixed by dragging the padlock to it.

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