Load Banks

Portable Load Banks

AC6 portable load bank generator testing

AC6 used for on site generator testing

Cressall’s range of portable load banks include the AC100, our largest ‘standard’ three-phase load bank, designed for on-site testing of three-phase generating sets of up to 100kW rating, to the AC6, popular with contractors and hire shops where large fleets of generators need testing each time they are sent out or returned from hire.

Our standard portable load banks are designed for testing AC and DC systems, including batteries, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and standby generators.

  • Available for quick delivery
  • Easily handled by one person
  • Light
  • Robust
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable

All units are fan-cooled, which helps to ensure a compact design. The fan supply is taken from the test load itself or from an auxiliary supply of 110 or 230V AC, according to model.

DC units can be operated at voltages lower than their nominal rating; power is reduced accordingly.

Units are fitted with over temperature protection. To reduce weight enclosures are manufactured from aluminium and fitted with handles and where required have castors to ease manoeuvrability. Load banks are supplied with one cable and connector.


DC Models Voltage kW Steps Peak Current
DC110 27V 3 fully variable 120A
DC70 50V 3 fully variable 70A
DC220 50V 11 fully variable 220A
DC600 50V 30 fully variable 600A
DC800 28V 30 0.7kW 775A cont and
2000A for 5 secs

AC/DC Model Voltage kW Steps Peak Current
Dual 30
AC or DC
31.5 0.5kW 262A

AC Models Voltage kW Steps Peak Current
AC6 220-240V,
1 phase
6 333W 27A
Dual Voltage
1 phase
6 333W 54A
1 phase
AC30 220-240V,
1 phase
15 333W 62A
3 phase
30 1kW 41A
AC100 220-240V,
1 phase
33 400W 150A
3 phase
100 1.25kW 139A