Load Banks

Radiator Mounted load banks

radiator mounted load bank

A 400V AC 3 phase 2 section radiator mounted load bank with a total of 100kW split over two 50kW sections. This design utilises expanded mesh resistor banks mounted in a aluzinc enclosure.


A single-section 100kW dummy load installed between the radiator and the acoustic splitters of a 255kVA set with a Volvo engine. Cressall builds suitably rated dummy loads tailored for these sets with powers from 50kW to 400kW, using a modular construction with just two basic frame sizes.

Cressall Resistors’ radiator mounted load banks for fixed installations are designed as a bolt-on addition to the DG set, requiring a space of between 400-800 mm between the radiator and the acoustic splitters. The resistor elements themselves are stainless steel with the type varying depending upon ohmic value and air velocity.

These have a large surface area, with a typical power density of only 1-2W/cm² and a low pressure loss: about 10-50 Pa (1-5 mm water gauge) in the radiator airflow. The elements are assembled in banks with ceramic insulation rated for 1kV operation.

Because the load bank makes use of the radiator airflow for cooling, the basic design is simple, low-cost and adaptable to almost any engine.

Most standard generating sets in the range of 50-1000kW have radiators with a free pressure loss of at least 50-125Pa, so a load bank can be added without the need for modifications to the basic design or an increase in the rating or cost of the acoustic splitters.

All designs feature resistor elements, frames and supports entirely from stainless steel and ceramic electrical insulation, side mounted terminal boxes and wiring in high-temperature silicone-insulated cable.