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Marine water cooled resistors

Fresh water

Most ships have a chilled water system, which circulates cool water throughout the vessel, used for both air conditioning and equipment cooling. It is usually straightforward to incorporate resistors of the type shown into these circuits.

Water cooled resistors

This design of our water cooled resistors range utilises 316 grade stainless steel vessels, cable box and fixings as standard and has the following features:

  • Continuous power: 100kW – 1800kW
  • Vessel size: 1700–3700mm long
  • Vessel bore: 200-500mm dia.
  • Voltage rating: 800V DC
  • Elements: Mineral insulated with Incoloy sheath, test voltage 2.5kV.
  • Operating pressure: 3 bar, test pressure 10 bar. Cable box: IP56 complete with automatic anti-condensation heater and terminals for one capillary thermostat and one PT100 temperature sensor

Sea water

Construction and ratings as our fresh water designs but with titanium-sheathed elements in higher-grade stainless steel vessels, suitable for continuous duty in hot sea water.

EV2 modular resistor

Water cooled resistors A new range of water cooled resistors for low and medium voltage applications, especially severe conditions in marine systems. Rheostatic braking of all types of low and medium voltage AC drives in:

  • Winches and cranes
  • Cable laying vessels
  • Propulsion drives on ships or oil rigs
  • Dummy loads and discharge resistors for MV electrical systems
  • Liquid heating

Patented design that encapsulates and totally separates the resistor elements from the coolant.

More about the EV2 resistor

Water cooled resistors

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