Renewable Energy

Solar Power & Biomass

Solar Panels

Using the sun’s rays to generate electricity or to heat water is a well proven technology and even here resistors can help to improve the efficiency of the collector systems.
Solar panels which can track the sun to ensure optimum efficiency will often use electric drives in their positioning system, like the electric drives in hybrid vehicles these can use Cressall braking resistors to ensure that the panels stop when required, and as these resistors are passive devices and have no wearing components they will last as long as the panels themselves.

Runcorn energy to waste biomass plant

Biomass can include wide variety materials such as wood, energy crops, agricultural residues, food and industrial waste, biomass is converted into energy through combustion, this process like fossil fuels releases CO2 into the atmosphere, however, it has several advantages over its ‘stable mate’.

Production of the wood and agricultural residues for biomass will consume CO2 as part of the process and so in part will off set its production later in the process.

The use of food and industrial waste will cut down on landfill and improve levels of recycling.

Cressall supply:

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