Renewable Energy

Wave and Tidal Power

Tidal & Wave Power generator

Although tidal power generation is not as common as wind or solar generation its predictability gives significant advantages when compared to generation by wind or sun. The relatively high set up costs combined with the restricted locations into which the equipment can be installed is gradually being offset by improving turbine technology.

A tidal stream generator operates in much the same way a wind turbine does and so has similar requirements for the resistors manufactured by Cressall:

Cressall’s extensive marine experience gained supplying both air and water cooled brake resistors as well as submerged load resistors means we are ideally placed to meet not only the electrical and thermal requirements of tidal power applications we can also make a product which will operate effectively in the harsh marine environment.

Tidal and Wave Power

A 250kW/770V DC seawater cooled dummy load resistor for the Orkneys Power project

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