rail traction resistors

Spares for traction resistors

Cressall has extensive records of the railway resistors supplied from the 1960’s onwards for all types of electric and diesel electric locomotives, EMUs and metro cars. We also carry all the records from many other companies such as Eaton Cutler-Hammer, TPR Resistors, GEC Industrial Controls, GEC Alsthom and Alstom whose resistor businesses we have acquired.

Braking resistor for ALP 44 locomotive

ALP 44 Locomotives, New Jersey, USA: 19 braking resistors @ 1.536MW

Metrocars braking resistor

GI Metrocars, Guangzhou, China:
84 braking resistors @ 1.5MW

Gothenburg tramcar braking resistor

M21 Series Tramcars, Gothenburg,
Sweden: 86 braking resistors @ 393kW

Sheffield supertram braking resistor

Supertrams, Sheffield, UK:
52 braking resistors @ 488kW

Locomotive braking resistor

Class 3900 Locomotives, Queensland: 80 braking resistors @ 2MW

Metro car braking resistor

ML Series Metrocars, Lisbon, Portugal: 224 braking resistors @ 1.25-1.7MW

In many cases where original equipment designs are not available or no longer manufactured, we can design functionally equivalent replacements. If necessary these can be retested to ensure that they will meet the same type-test criteria for electrical, thermal and vibration performance as the original equipment designs.

We have an extensive range of resistor technologies still being manufactured today, including Cutler-Hammer High Temp, Eurostyle and Service Grids, Cressall ‘Expamet’ expanded mesh and ZO coils, GEC ‘RP’ B-type and D-type coils, etc.

New Jersey roof mounted resistor

1991: New Jersey Transit roof-mounted brake resistor, convection cooled, peak power 1.5MW.

Frankfurt braking resistor

1996: 750V DC roof mounted brake resistor for trams in Frankfurt. 300kW peak braking power.

undercar braking resistor

1997: Fan cooled brake resistor rated 1.1MW peak, undercar mounted on the Hong Kong – Lantau railway.

Kwachon braking resistor

1994: Crowbar, snubber, inverter and filter resistors for Seoul Kwachon line.

Stockholm Metro braking resistor

1986: Stockholm metro starting and braking resistor, built by Cutler-Hammer in the 80’s, naturally cooled.

London Underground braking resistor

Starting/braking resistor frames for London Undergrounds maintenance fleet. Originally supplied in the 70’s.