Load Banks

AC100 load bank for generator testing

The Cressall AC100 load bank is designed for on-site testing of three-phase AC generators and power supplies at 400/230V at continuous powers adjustable up to 100kW. Every model is complete with all meters, controls and power leads with quick-release in-line connectors.



415V 3 phase, 50/60Hz: 100kW in 1.25kW steps
240V 1 phase 50/60Hz: 33kW in 400W steps
Other AC voltages
Lower AC test voltages can be applied; the maximum power is reduced accordingly.
For example:
220V 3 phase, 50/60Hz: 28kW in 350W steps
110V 1 phase, 50/60Hz: 7 kW in 85W steps


Integral control panel with hinged weatherproof lid with:
1 – 48mm DIN voltmeter 0-500V linear with selector switch
1 – 48mm DIN ammeter 0-150A linear with selector switch
1 – 48mm DIN frequency meter 45-65Hz
7 – ‘on/off’ pushbuttons (1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 20, 40kW)
7 – indicator lamps, one per section
1 – ‘on/off’ pushbutton for fan start/stop
1 – indicator lamp ‘fans running’
1 – input socket for external 220/240V AC supply, with selector switch
1 – emergency stop button

Resistor Elements

Metal sheathed wire elements manufactured from high-grade nickel/chrome resistance wire in magnesium oxide insulated stainless steel tubes and 600V primary insulation.


Fan cooled with a single 450mm fan powered from the test load itself or an external supply. The fan is mounted in the base of the load bank and blows vertically through mesh bird screens top and bottom.


Download AC100 data sheet