Load Banks

Dual 30 load bank

The Dual 30 load bank is designed for site testing of DC batteries and AC generators and power supplies of 120 to 240V, AC or DC, at continuous powers adjustable up to 30kW and is complete with all indications, controls and power leads.

AC DC load bank


Dual 120/240: 30kW at 120 or 240V, single phase AC or DC.
Sections of 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16kW


Integral control panel with:
Switching: 6 illuminated ‘on’ pushbuttons with DC contactors
6 illuminated ‘off’ pushbuttons
Voltmeter: 0-300V
Ammeter: 0-300A
Indication: LED, ‘Power supply on’
Fuse: 1
Banana sockets: 2 x 4mm for output of shunt

Resistor Elements

Expanded mesh and mica card elements wound with high-grade nickel-chrome stainless steel resistance tape with 750V primary insulation.


Fan cooled by one 300mm axial fan powered from an external 220/240V supply. The fans are mounted under the load bank and blow vertically through mesh screens on each side.

Ammeter shunt

Rating: 100A = 100mV

Input cables and connectors

Two 2.5m 70mm2 flexible input cables complete with M12 lugs and quick-release connectors.


All aluminium, finished in grey powder coat, with instructions and warning labels. The load bank is fitted with a carrying handle and four omni-directional braked castors.

Dimensions:500 x 600 x 800mm high: Weight 50kg complete

Download Dual 30 load bank data sheet