Edgewound Coil Elements

Versatile and robust

  • Good heat dissipation
  • High overload capacity
  • Standard coil sizes
  • Standard banking designs

Cressall’s edge-wound coiled strip resistors are an efficient way to package a large resistance mass into a small space. The high mass and robust design provides exceptional short term overload capacity.

Applications include:
Neutral Earthing Resistors
Dynamic Braking
Motor Starting and Speed Control
Load Testing


All styles are manufactured from a continuous stainless steel or copper nickel strip wound edgewise to form a coil which is then fitted on ridged ceramic insulators and supported on a central steel support strap. Elements can be supplied either loose, as banked assemblies or mounted in a range of standard ventilated enclosures, according to customers requirements.


RP oval edgewound coils and assemblies
ZC circular edgewound coils and assemblies