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Power Prove is a new load bank division from Cressall Resistors

Our dedicated load bank division offers you:

  • An extended load bank product range
  • Competitive lead times and pricing
  • Enhanced features; power measurement, data logging, remote control and multi-load bank networking
  • Comprehensive support and product documentation


For all load bank enquiries and information please contact us at: www.powerprove.com

ac300 load bank

Direct links to the product and support pages:

6kW AC6 70A DC70
30kW AC30 110A DC110
100kW AC100 210A DC220
200kW AC200 600A DC600
300kW AC300
500kW AC500 Dual AC & DC
1350kW AC1350 30kW Dual 30

Custom solutions
Typical situations that require a customised solution are:

  • Radiator mounted load banks
  • Medium and high voltage direct connection loads
  • Transformer integration packages
  • Non-standard frequency, resistive & reactive loads

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Load bank applications

Load banks are used in a wide range of industries and critical infrastructure such as Healthcare, IT, finance, production plant and temporary events. The role of load banks in these applications include:

  • Generator performance testing & maintenance conditioning
  • Battery discharge testing
  • Load interruption protection – ballast

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